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2012, Mar. 28, George Bush Center Freedom Collection: The Freedom Collection is a central feature of the Human Freedom initiative at the George W. Bush Institute. It is an active, living archive that documents the struggle for democracy and human freedom around the world through the personal stories of men and women who have led or participated in freedom movements...

2010, Aug. 27: Spiegel Online: Reporter ohne Grenzen, "Ich sang, um nicht verrückt zu werden" Kampf für Pressefreiheit: Vor 25 Jahren wurde die Organisation Reporter ohne Grenzen gegründet. Einer ihrer ersten Fälle war der eines vietnamesischen Journalisten. Im einestages-Interview erzählt Doan Viet Hoat vom kommunistischen Terror, dem Alltag in der Isolierungszelle - und wie er das Regime dennoch austrickste. (View slides in German)

2007, July 28. Road Map to Democracy and a New Vietnam (Organized by VSA of Minnesota)
With the organizers and performers at the venue.2006, Sept. 30: Rapi Production, New Port, RI.

Attending "Speak Truth To Power: Human Rights Defenders Who Are Changing Our World" - A play by Ariel Dorfman based on the book Speak Truth to Power by Kerry Kennedy.  [view  announcement] ... [view production]

2006, Mar. 29: US Congress.

Testify in US House about Vietnam Human Rights. Asia and the Pacific Subcommittee and Africa, Global Human Rights and International Operations Subcommittee joint hearing on "The Human Rights Dialogue with Vietnam: Is Vietnam Making Significant Progress?"   [view announcement], [more testimony]

2006, Feb. 23: New America Media, Commentary, Thai A. Nguyen-Khoa. Immigrant Voices -- Time for Vietnamese To Be Heard on Vietnam War

...The United States squandered 58,000 Americans and more than 3 million Vietnamese lives in its last betrayal of Vietnam, leaving more than 1.5 million Vietnamese-Americans and 80 million Vietnamese in Vietnam to sort out their fates in the 21st century. Now, more than 30 years later, those who consider themselves the top thinkers and the very conscience of America will sit at the JFK Presidential Library in judgment of America's past action and once again leave out the most critical players of all: we Vietnamese... [more]

2006, Feb. 04: VOA. On The  Line. Interview Dr. Nguyễn Đan Quế, Al Santoli, and DVH about Vietnam Human Rights.

Vietnam is now campaigning for membership in the World Trade Organization. But while Vietnam may be trying to open up economically, the ruling Communist Party continues to stifle political and civic life... [read transcript][listen (voanews.com)], or [watch interview] (You need realPlayer for the video which can be downloaded with no cost at www.real.com)

2005: xuất bản Hành Trình Dân Tộc
2005, 05/19: Kerry Miller interviewed on Minnesota Public Radio. [listen...]
"Hanh Trinh Dan Toc" new book talk in D.C. 2005, 05/22: Southdale Library. New book talk, "Road Map for Vietnam in the Global Era" ("Hanh Trinh Dan Toc Trong Thoi Dai Toan Cau Hoa"), which is in Vietnamese and an English translation is expected sometime next year. [more]


2005, 03/26: VOA. Interview Nguyễn Đan Quế, Al Santolli, claudia Rosette, and ĐVH about the civil rights, human rights, and democracy evironments in Vietnam. [read transcript] 

2005: Speaktruth. BIO of Doan Viet Hoat.  [more (speaktruth.org)]

2004, 12/14: Online Chat with DVH. [more (amnestyusa.org)]
2004: International Press Institute. DVH profile.  [more]
2004: Great men of history.  [more (redstate.com)]
U.S. Congress2003, 10/01: Vietnam Human Rights Testimony in U.S. Congress. [more (house.gov)]
2002, July 19: Asian American Press. Doan Viet Hoat visits Minnesota. [read news clip]
2002, Apr.: University of Hong Kong. Asia Media Project -- Vietnam. [more (hku.hk)]
2001: Global Journalist. Profile. [more  (expressnews.ualberta.ca)]
2001, 11/16: University of Alberta, Canada. Activist says be wary of materialism. [read (expressnews.ualberta.ca)]
2001, Oct. 13: The Edmonton Journal. Vietnamese human rights hero to speak at U of A Monday. [read news clip]
2001, June 12: Interview by People In Need Foundation. "Will Vietnam Democratise?" [more  (thinkcentre.org)]
2001, May: University of Florida. Vietnamese Freedom fighter helps open FSU Center. [more (fsu.edu)] and [speech]
2000, 12/08: Harvard Asia Quarterly. Interview with Doan Viet Hoat by Michou Nguyễn. [more]
2000, Nov. 16: Washington Post. A Dissident's Life. On-line Chat with Doan Viet Hoat.  [more  (washingtonpost.com)]
1999, Nov. 15: Washington Post. Vietnamese Sees Clinton as Catalyst... [read news clip]
2000, Nov. 22: Asiaweek. An exiled Vietnamese dissident assesses the impact of Clinton's tour.  [more (asiaweek.com)]
2000, Oct.: Remarks by Doan Viet Hoat On Receiving the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation's Truman-Reagan Freedom Award. [more]
Met President Válav Havel of Czech Republic, 19991999, Piqtek 18: Gazeta Wyborcza. Ta Walka Ma Sens. 
Visiting PEN Club Poland, which had been actively campaigned for DVH's freedom, in the first Europe trip after released from Vietnam's prison... [read Polish news clip]
1999, Oct.: WAN. Doan Viet Hoat Wants to Return to Vietnam. [more (vietquoc.com)]
1999, Oct.: HCON 51: U.S. House of Representatives. RESOLUTION HONORING PROFESSOR DOAN VIET HOAT.  [more (house.gov)] 
1999, Sept. 04: The Edmonton Journal. Canada. Dr. Doan still an optimist despite 20 years in jail. [read news clip]
1999: Praha, Czech. [read Czech news clip]
1999, 05/04: La Pressa, Montreal. Doan Viet Hoat ou le journalisme emprisonné. [read French news clip]
1999, 05/04: The Gazette, Montreal. Vietnam dissident says Chrétien soft: No backbone on human-rights violations.  [read English/French (vietfederation.ca)]
1999, 04/06: The Courrier Mail, Brisbane, Australia. Vietnam's voice of conscience. [read news clip]
1999, Feb. 11: Far Eastern Economic Review. A life Apart. Exiled dissident seeks to united overseas Vietnamese  [read news clip]
1999, Feb. 04: Le Monde. "Faute de réformes, les peuple vietnamine se soulévera" [read French news clip]
At Catholics University after receiving Robert F. Kennedy Award1999, Feb.:  Hoat Receives RFK Human Rights Award At Catholic University’s Law School. [more (publicaffairs.cua.edu)]
1999, Jan. 29: Asiaweek Interview. Dissident Doan Viet Hoat speaks his mind.
(Tạp chí Asiaweek phỏng vấn.) [more (pathfinder.com)], [read news clip]
1999, Jan. 09: Washington Post. A Man Without His Country.  [read news clip]
1998, Nov.27:  The  Edmonton Journal. Campaign for freedom cost him 19 years in jail. [read news clip]
1998, Nov.17:  Congressman Chris Smith Helps Win Release of Vietnamese Pro-Democracy Activist. Out of prison, political dissident is visiting scholar at Catholic University. [more]
1998, 09/14: Time Magazine. Dissidents' Deliverance.  [more (time.com)]
1998, Nov. 30: Globe And Mail. Political prisoner tastes freedom at last.  [read news clip]
Visiting RFA office in D.C.1998, Oct. 15: RFA. Vietnamese dissident Doan Viet Hoat Visits RFA... [read news clip]
1998, Oct. 14: Star Tribute Minnesota. Joys of Freedom.
After 19 years in spartan prisons in Vietnam, dissident Doan Viet Hoat is savoring the discoveries and responsibilities of life  in America. [read news clip]
1998, 09/02: TimeAsia.
"I cannot keep silent" After 20 years in prison, an outspoken Vietnamese dissident wins his freedom.
[more (time.com)] 
1998, 09/01: RFA, Interviews Professor Doan Viet Hoat. [more (fva.org)]
A missing chair represented DVH while he was still in prision at a HRW event.1998, 09/01: Viet Nam: Human Rights Watch Welcomes Release of Political Prisoners.
Human Rights Watch today welcomed the recent release of political prisoners in Vietnam, including prominent dissidents Dr. Doan Viet Hoat and Dr. Nguyen Dan Que...[more (hrw.org)]
1998, 08/31: Jailed 1995 RFK Human Rights Award Winners Released from Vietnam.
[more (rfkmemorial.org)]
1998, 08/28: AI. Viet Nam: Prisoner of conscience amnesty - a positive step.  [read... (amnesty133.org)]
1998, 06/29: WAN. "Vietnam: Appeal over imprisoned journalist." Press Release. WAN Calls for release of imprisoned journalist and academic Doan Viet Hoat. [more (pmw.c20.org)]
Doan Viet Long at Golden Pen of Freedom event in Kobe while DVH was still in prison in Vietnam.1998, 06/01: The WAN Golden Pen of Freedom: Professor Doan Viet Hoat. [more (fva.org)]
...Professor Hoat, who is currently serving a 15-year jail sentence for his work with the pro-democracy newsletter "Dien Dan Tu Do" (Freedom Forum), has spent much of the past three decades in "reeducation camps" and prisons simply for calling for greater civil rights and democratic reform in Vietnam. He continues to appeal for these changes despite his imprisonment.
1998: UN. Professor Doan Viet Hoat v. Viet Nam, Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. [more (umn.edu)]
1996, 06/01: Toronto Star. Award-winning writer languishes in prison.. [read news clip]
1996, 01/18: AI USA. Special Update on Professor Doan Viet Hoat.  [more (fva.org)]
1995: Journalists Under Siege - Press Freedom Behinds Bars.  [more (nsi-ins.ca)]
IPI campaign poster for DVH freedom1993, 11/02: Amnesty International USA. Medical Concern Doat Viet Hoat. [more (amnestyusa.org)]
Arrested in Freedom Forum case1993, Apr.:  US Senate. Free Doan Viet Hoat: Political Prisoners in Vietnam.
... D
r. Hoat has remained in pre-trial detention for over two years, in violation of Vietnam's obligation to set reasonable limits on pre-trial detention as required by Article 71 of the Law on Criminal Procedure of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This long and unwarranted detention has even exceeded all possible extraordinary extensions allowed by Vietnamese law.
I am deeply concerned that Dr. Doan has been imprisoned simply for the peaceful expressions of his views. I understand that his long detention has exacerbated his already serious kidney problems, for which he still requires medication. His detention violates not only Vietnamese law but also international norms of procedure which Vietnam has pledged to uphold under the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights...
[more (thomas.loc.gov)]
Awaiting at trial. DVH is on the farmost on the left1993, April 30: UNHCHR: DECISION NO. 15/1993 (VIET NAM).
Concerning: Nguyen Khac Chinh, Doan Viet Hoat, Doan Thank Liem, Do Ngoc Long and Nguyen Chu, on the one hand, and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, on the other...
[more (unhchr.ch)]