Các Tuyên bố/Statements

2009, September 10-11, Prague: International Conference “Peace, Democracy and Human Rights in Asia” (Hội nghị Quốc tế "Hoà bình, Dân chủ và Nhân quyền ở Á châu")

2008, Sept. 14: "Thư Ngõ", của các hội đoàn chính trị và dân sự trong và ngoài nước, gởi đến nhà cầm quyền cộng sản Việtnam về chủ quyền quốc gia trên hai quần đảo Hoàng sa và Trường sa

2007, Dec. 10-11: Warsaw Conference "For Freedom and Solidarity."

Conference Final Resolution

Joint Statement Burma, China, Tibet and Vietnam

President Bush in Vietnam

2006, Nov. 12: Open Letter to President George W. Bush on His First Visit to Vietnam

An open letter to President Bush on his visit to Vietnam regards to human rights situation in Vietnam. The letter is co-signed by 20 Vietnamese human rights activists, religious leaders, and political dissidents. more

2006, May 03: Statement, Welcoming the Congressional Caucus For Freedom of the Press

I believe that the launch of the Congressional Caucus on freedom of the press on World Press Freedom Day sends a clear and strong message to press freedom predators around the globe, particularly in East Asian countries like Burma, North Korea, China and Vietnam. more

2006, Feb 15: Statement, Welcoming the Expansion Of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus To the Senate

All human rights advocates, especially the Vietnamese overseas and the Vietnamese human rights defenders inside Vietnam, will welcome this new development. The human rights defenders inside Vietnam will certainly find in this new congressional forum not only as a signal for more effective support for their efforts, but also as a more positive step toward the betterment of human rights in Vietnam. more

2006, Feb 15: Thư Chào Mừng Phong Trào Quốc Dân Đòi Trả Tên Sàigòn

Chúng tôi xin nhiệt liệt chào mừng sự ra đời của Phong Trào Quốc Dân Đòi Trả Tên Saigon và chúc Linh Mục cùng Quí vị lãnh đạo Phong Trào và ban tổ chức lễ ra mắt Phong Trào được thành công mỹ mãn... [đọc]

2005, 06/26: Statement, On The Occasion of SVR Prime Minister Phan Van Khai's Visit To The U.S.

In the case of Vietnam, all Vietnamese concerned with the future of the country regardless of creed, faith or political opinion, wish to see the nation escape from its present lowly position on the relative scale of development among nations. The speed and level of development presently obtained in Vietnam, even in the field of economics, do not correspond to the historical depth of the nation nor does it reflect the vitality and potentials of the Vietnamese people. [more], [đọc]

Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi2002, May 18: Statement, Letter for Aung San Suu Kyi, Chairman National League for Democracy

...We wholeheartedly welcome the news of your release from a 19-month house arrest as a result of your fiery charisma and consistent international sanctions against the Burmese government. The news means joy and reborn hope for the Burmese people and also for all democracy advocates in Asia... more

2002, Jan. 19: Letter of protest on Sino-Vietnam Border Agreement to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

...It is in this spirit that I, together with my compatriots, protest the Sino-Vietnam Border and Territorial Waters Agreements that have been signed by undemocratic and illegitimate governments, without the express consent of the Vietnamese people and in detriment of our national integrity and interests... more

2001, Nov. 03: Open Letter To the United States Senate

...I regret that the U.S. Senate, having ratified the BTA without taking a vote on the Vietnam Human Rights bill, has sent a wrong political message to the Hanoi leaders who have so far carried out only economic, and not political, reforms. Market economy, cultural freedom, and democracy are today’s three world trends, which are irreversible and inseparable. Economic and financial aid from the U.S. and the world would only help Vietnam to achieve stable and sustainable development if the Vietnamese people were allowed to live in a free society run by a government who is held accountable to the people and respects basic human and civil rights... [more]

2001, July 14: Letter to His Holiness Dalai Lama about Venerable Thich Huyen Quang and the Most Venerable Thich Quang Do of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam under house arrest in poor health

...On July 25, the leaders of UBCV’s overseas office in America will take part in one-day long prayers for the safety and liberation of the UCBV’s leaders in Vietnam. The prayers will take place in front of the United States Congress in Washington DC. Vietnamese Buddhists will also take part in prayer sessions for the same purpose in pagodas all over America. They are deeply grateful if Your Holiness would set apart your daily prayers on July 25 for the safety and peace of their leaders. Your holy prayers will no doubt bring peace to the UBCV leaders... more

2001, 04/22: Letter to Senator Kennedy about the nomination of Mr. Viet D. Dinh as Assistant General Secrectary. more

2000, Aug. 20: Letter of Protest to UN Secretary General more

...I therefore learn with shock and deep regret that His Holiness Dalai Lama, the inspiring and outstanding spiritual leader of Buddhism, has not been invited to the Summit of world spiritual leaders organized by the United Nations. While I strongly support the United Nations’ convention, I protest against the exclusion of His Holiness. I think that the United Nations’ Millennium Peace Summit should include the spiritual leaders of all world faiths to free it from any political pressure.

I hope that you would reverse a non-appropriate decision and invite His Holiness Dalai Lama to the Summit...

Mr. Ha Si Phu2000, May 12: Statement on Ha Si Phu's Arrest and Prosecution

...I believe that the house arrest and prosecution of Ha Si Phu should serve as a timely reminder for all individuals, organizations and governments throughout the world who are interested in helping Vietnam develop of the Vietnamese government's oppressive policies... more

2000, May 20: Statement, On Le Kha Phieu's Visit to France.

...This notwithstanding, the Vietnamese Government, under the leadership of the VCP, has for years deprived the Vietnamese people of their most basic freedoms. These include freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the freedom to engage in business and commerce... more

2000, May 11: Statement on Vietnam Human Rights Day

...In this last stage of struggle, I personally pledge to work with democrats of all organizations and political affiliations, both abroad and inside the country, for our common cause. more

2006, Jan. 16: Letter to President Bill Clinton

Let me take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation and support for your Administration's commitment to "safeguarding freedom of religion at home and promoting it around the globe" as stated in your Proclamation of Religious Freedom Day, January 16, 2000... more.

Rev. Thich Quang Do1999, Dec. 15: Statement on the Nomination of Venerable Thich Quang Do for the 2000 Peace Prize Nomination

...The 2000 Nobel Peace Price presented to the Most Venerable Thich Quang Do, a life-long peaceful defender of religious freedom, will not only enhance the cause of freedom and human rights, but also help to promote a global society of tolerance, compassion and peace... more

1999, Nov. 30: Statement On The Third WTO Ministerial Conference, Seattle 30 November to 3 December, 1999

I therefore call upon WTO Conference Members to endorse measures to enable in Vietnam the emergence of an open, civil and equitable society necessary for stability and sustainable development for Vietnam and for the entire region... more

Hunger Strike for VN Human Rights in San Francisco 19981998, Dec. 4: Statement On the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

...In the name of political stability, the CPV leadership has continued to suppress differing voices with measures ranging from isolation to imprisonment to covert killings. They have continued to violate the basic human rights and civil rights as stipulated in the very international documents to which communist Vietnam is a signatory. Running Vietnam as one-party totalitarian state, the CPV is presently the biggest barrier to building prosperity and peace in Vietnam, thus running counter to today's trends and principles of social development... more

1998, Sept. 3: Statement, First Press Release at LAX after Arriving in the U.S.

I myself pledge to continue my struggle for freedom and democracy for Vietnam, and as soon as the situation in Vietnam permits, I shall return to Vietnam to contribute my part to the popular movement for a free, democratic and prosperous Vietnam... more