Phái đoàn Việtnam dự hội nghịFinal Resolution of the Democratic and Pro-independence Conference of Opposition Movements “For Freedom and Solidarity” held in Warsaw on 10thand 11th of December 2007 in which representatives of the following countries participated: Belarus, Burma, China, Tchetchnia, Kazachstan, Russia, Turkmenistan, Tibet, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and the Activists of the Former Democratic Opposition from Poland.

 w Having regard that in the contemporary world billions of people are still deprived of their basic rights and freedoms;

 w  Having regard that in many countries the economic development is not followed by the development of freedom and human rights;

 w  Having regard that the countries of the free world pass over the human rights issues in their policies and are driven by short-term economic and political gains;

 w Having regard to the necessity to raise the interest of the public opinion of the free world in the issues associated with the suppression of freedom and human rights in dictatorial countries

Now and therefore the participants in the conference resolved the following: it is necessary to strengthen the international coordination of actions supporting freedom and human rights and thus to appoint an Organisational Committee of the Democratic and Pro-independence Congress of Opposition Movements “For Freedom and Solidarity”.

The so appointed organisational committee shall organise the first – founding meeting of the Congress to be held in 2008.

 w The executive body of the Committee shall be the Secretariat managed by the Free Word Association which is the organiser of this Conference.

 w The Organisational Committee will be chaired by the Chairman of the Free Word Association Mirosław Chojecki.

 w The freedom and human rights activists in the dictatorial countries participating in the Conference shall delegate one representative to work in the committee.

The representatives of the nations and freedom and pro-independence organisations which are not participating in today’s Conference shall be invited to participate in the founding meeting on equal rights.

We hereby declare that our goals are freedom and human rights and that we shall achieve these goals through non-violence means.


Warsaw, 11th of December 2007

Jacek Szymanderski – Poland

Ludmila Petina – Bielarus

Nurmuhammed Hanamov – Turkmenistan

Balli Marzec – Kazachstan

Man-Yan Ng – China

Doan Viet Hoat – Vietnam

Than Htike – Burma

Nuriddin Nizamuddinov – Uzbekistan

Rubati Mitsaeva – Tchetchenia

Thupten Kunga Chashab – Tibet

(Representatives of Russia did not signed because they had to leave the Conference earlier.)